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incinerator manufacturer, incinerator exporter, incinerator suppliers in india.


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Solid Waste Incinerators :

We are the leading manufacturing and exporting company of Solid Waste Incinerators in India. We have manufactured various types of Solid Waste Incinerators Systems. We specially designed these Solid Waste Incinerators which are controlled Air Pyrolytic Principle of combustion. In the Solid Waste Incinerator System, there is 2-Stage Combustion Chamber which is used for storing waste directly from the front door.


Solid Waste Incinerators have two chambers one is The Primary Chamber and the other is The Secondary Chamber. Among them, The Primary Chamber has the Temperature more than 800°C & Secondary Chamber have temperature more than 1200° C. We are the leading manufacturer of various types of Incinerators. Our Incinerators are widely used by our all over world clients. They made us the International Company.


Salient Features :

  • Using Dry Leaves, Grass, Twigs, Tree Branches.
  • Latest Combustion Techniques.
  • Robust Construction.
  • Also Used Waste Paper & Cardboard.
  • Packaging Material like Polythene, Wood, Thermocol, Jute.
  • High Temperature Refractory Lining.
  • PVC and Plastic Waste.
  • Effordable Priced.
  • Gardining / Plantation Waste.

Liquid Incinerator System :

We are also manufacturing Liquid Incinerators Systems and also suppiles them in the international market. The meaning of Liquid Waste is like that any type of waste which is in Liquid form is known as Liquid Waste. These Liquid Wastes are produced from various industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Petro Chemicals, Automobile, Textile, Hospitals, Slaughter House, Laboratories, Municipals and many more. Some types of Liquid Wastes are as under, Black Liquor, Waste Water, Cutting Fluid or other fluids. The construction of Liquid Wastes is very much complex, and it contains very complex mixtures of a variety of compounds.

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Liquid Waste Incinerator is premeditated as per the requirement of the clients. These are available in varied sizes and designs. Following are the design and features of Liquid Incinerator System.

Salient Features :

  • Liquid Incinerator Systems have two chambers such as Primary Chamber & Secondary Chamber. In the Primary Chamber has 1 Fully Automatic and 1 Manual Burner Assembly system which have Fire Proof Bricks Lining.
  • Secondary Chamber also have Automatic Burner with having Fire Proof Bricks Lining.
  • In the Liquid Incinerator Systems, temperature are always between 850º to 1100º C.
  • Better Efficiency and Low Maintenance.
  • Complex Construction for Long Life.
  • Manual / Trolley Feed Arrangement for Liquid Waste.
  • Different Stage Testing facility Available.
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Combined Incinerator :

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter company of Combined Incinerators in India. We have the wide range of Combined Incinerators. We manufacture these types of Incinerators for using them in both purpose of Incinerators facility. Our Combined Incinerators have the capacity to incinerate Solid and Liquid Wastes Together. This Incinerator plant is operated on the principle of special operation. Our Combined Incinerators have the very much high efficiency as 99% more than any of other individual Incinerator plants.

Combined Incinerators have produced different types of waste gases. These Waste Gases have Sulfur Compounds such as CS2, COS and H2S. These Sulfur Components do not directly mixed out in the atmosphere. We must dispose these waste gases iproperly.

Advantages :

  • Compact Design require Less Spaces
  • Pollution free Environment
  • Easy Installation & Easy in working
  • More Effective more than other Incinerators
  • Effordable Cost
  • Low Power Consumption
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